French snowboarder Victor de le Rue: one of the most courageous and talented riders of today, #27

av Husky | Publicerades 11/29/2018

He is described as one of the most creative and courageous riders of today and as he came to town to present his new movie project Frozen Mindtogether with The North Face I got the chance to sit down in the studio with french snowboarder Victor de le Rue. Victor de le Rue grew up in the small resort Saint-Lary in the Pyrenees as the youngest of five siblings one of the more famous ones is legendary snowboarder Xavier de le Rue. Victor got his first snowboard at the age of six and growing up he was riding and competing with the team "the Brown Bears". After a couple of years racing in both boardercross as well as slopetyle and halfpipe Victor started from an early age having to choose between racing and going on photoshoots with sponsors.

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