Hustle Beach Episode 001: Houston Rapper Fat Tony

Welcome to Hustle Beach.  This is a podcast about all my rapper friends

We are just getting ready to pop off the most epic hustles of 15 years in music. As myself and Fat Tony met in 2008 at SXSW, we have both been on the grind of reaching as many people as we possibly can.  

Moments of Hustle Beach: 7:45  working w/ ASAP Rocky 2011,  9:45 Spin Magazine 18:00 Defining Success and figuring out why we aren't massive   21:40 The Fat Tony x Diplo Viral experience. 27:00 discussing the songs and being outside the box 32:00 speaking on Virgil Abloh and the Gonzervatory 33:00 Fat Tony's secret magazine @FOUNDMEMAG 34:00 Finally chatting about our Collaboration "Humble Man" produced by Jeremiah Raisen.

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In the Hustle beach podcast, Rapper Kosha Dillz meets with artists, industry folk, political leaders and storytellers of all different backgrounds from around the globe. They bond over their original hustles and speak on worldly issues in the world of Hustle. The concept is a flip from Muscle Hustle Beach!