Hustle Beach Episode 002: Guy Fantastico and Jeff Williams

Hustle Beach is a place where hustlers of all kinds can get together and talk about the intricacies of their obscure work ethics .  In our 2nd episode, we interview our friends Guy Fantastico and Jeff Williams in Van Nuys, CA.  Hustle Beach is inspired off of the classic Venice beach gym. Muscle Beach. 

The song play is Hangin' Out ! Watch the video here. Its available everywhere

About our guests

@guyfantastico - Upon originally interviewing Isaac, we speak on boxing, hustling, social media life and working with Katy Perry, and how we met at Runyon Canyon at Cobra Fitness Club. His life has since drastically changed since this podcast was originally recorded in Van Nuys, and he is now married. (aka successful in LA) 

@streetworksworks - This man is the man of the street. If you need a campaign to do posters or spray paint your album on the concrete of Los Angeles,  Jeff has gone from the days of passing out flyers to guerilla marketing planes in the air above Coachella with Lane Del Ray advertisments. We also have the same  birthday. (August 26th!) 

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