Hustle Beach Episode 003: Shure Microphones and Selling with drummer Jon Longley

Happy New Year! For the first of weekly Hustle Beach  episodes in the new year, I will be uploading every tuesday. This episode was recorded in 2018 with drummer Jon Longley, who I met via Vans Warped Tour with fellow rapper MC LARS in 2015. One of my greatest rapper friends on the planet, we have travelled around across the United States and were able to record this episode at Shure Microphone headquarters in Chicago. A short and quick listen,  we discuss the relationship between selling everything from furniture and cars to t shirts at shows.  

You can see myself and Jon Longley performing most recently on with Drew Garabo at WHTP 102.5 FM  in Tampa Bay, Florida.

2:30 Chatting about free products we get from Shure, from microphones to massive rechargeable batteries.

4:30 first thing about selling as a drummer ; sleeper furniture and mattresses

6:30 We get to the idea of selling cars + how do you make $100 off merchandise with 5 people in the room.

9:40 "Remember the sale " - this was the most epic game we played for a short time.

11:00 Quoting a mod sun song about 2 looks and how he got rich off 2 books. - the book hustle as merch.

11:50 Shout out to Nelson from Shure Microphone who hooked up our epic tour and recording room. 

Feel free to follow the music on spotify + youtube and grab merchandise that we chatted about  at (

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