Hustle Beach Episode 004: Sober in Jerusalem with Juda Honickman

Hey Guys. We are back for week 2 of 52 in 2020. Hustle beach is something I believe in and every tuesday in 2020 we will upload the hustle no matter what beach we are on.  I met Juda Honickman back in NYC circa 2007  and we meet about 12 years later in the WEWORK of Jerusalem (aka the holiest co-working place in the world.)  We speak on stories of early hustle , selling candy,  getting sober, and creating the first sober house in Jerusalem. We briefly chat about family life and  living  "over the green line." as well!   Juda, or yehuda as many know him, is a true hustler. It is a pleasure to have him be a "slinger" on Hustle Beach.

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Some key moments in the podcast. 

1:30 Reminiscing about the Jewish Music Scene, Y Love,  Shemspeed and more. 

4:30 Talking about the nightlife of music and being sober and hustling 

8:20 Avoding going out when you stop enjoying the party

11:20 Getting the job at Jerusalem Sober House w/ Big Mike G.  when getting to Israel 

17:50 The Exact day he got sober

19:00 From getting them off heroin to the the tennis ball launcher market

20:04 Spending time with family

25:00 Getting interviewed by Some big German Publication

27:00 It gets political ! Middle East political schmooze. 

32:00 Mensch on the Bench 

34:30 Raising a million dollars for the Tennis world at

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