Hustle Beach Episode 005 : Sam Schubert from Ohio to Israel

I can't believe some of the people I meet! Welcome back to Hustle Beach episode 005. Make sure you subscribe and share this with some friends who hustle! For this weeks episode,.  I met Sam Schubert at the"holiest Wework in the world"  In Jerusalem. We learn about him  creating  life in Hollywood to Dayton, Ohio  to Israel.  I posted a picture of his bamboo straws which were at the beginning of a FCK plastic revolution. After selling lots of straws from a simple Facebook post via my personal page, it  helped him start a website and get more sales. Although since the time of this recording FCK plastic is on hiatus , we learn many tips on hustling from his original jobs.

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Great moments in the podcast

1:33 The Old Testament and Recycling? Is there anything there? A Huge Tubeshvat sale.

3:05 Starting a hustle with Shopify. G Suite and Shopify for a free month.  Buying domains.

6:02 Working in Hollywood for Matthew McConaughey

10:30 I seem to take the interview on me and tells bit of my story from NCAA Wrestling to drugs. Ok!

12:00  Still speaking about the famous bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman and chicken.

14:00 Speaking about Hebrew and ulpan and being detached from the language.

20:00 AK-47 or M-16? In the IDF.

23:20 Partnering up with pickles

27:50 Not being a zionist but loving Israel 

33:00  10,000 Haredi Stink bombs 

36:10 Stop buying trash bags - "Sakit Nylon." Surfing accident helped him make a decision.

38:30 How to make it in America - How to make it in Israel.

40 :00  Morgan Stanley to IDF graduation ceremonies.

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