Hustle Beach Episode 007: Oren Maisner of Jacobs Ladder

We are back again with another tuesday of the Hustle Beach Podcast

I have just returned to Israel and in celebration of such an arrival, I want to introduce to you good friend and guitarist of Jacobs Ladder. We first met in 2007 at a show in DC and have loosely stayed in touch Sith some recent collaborations.  Something I really love about this guy is that although I don't quite understand him or he isn't on the brink of fame, he has a great attitude and energy that is very "South Beach." He is a Miami guy at heart and we learn lots of cool history of who is from Miami,  stories from Art Basel, and we recently played a pool party in Ft Lauderdale at a place called the Mitzvah Mansion., and also played a beach festival in the north of Israel. 

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some cool moments of the podcast:

4:00 Miami is Magic City

6:00 First guitar lesson for anyone

10:30 Where will you live? 

17:40 nirvana lessons but really Green Day.

19:30  Rapping over the Green Day song

20:30 teaching guitar and live ninja 

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