Hustle Beach Episode 008: Mike Machinist of Shinobi Ninja

Welcome back to the Tuesday Weekly episode of Hustle Beach. I just recorded a new episode in my new spot in Yafo but this episode goes back while I was recording my album in NYC and New Jersey.  The album Nobody Cares Except You  (it will be released 4/3) was in its beginning stages and now gets a release date. Mike has been a rock in my life and we have known each other for 10+ years from his work with Shinobi Ninja to SXSW to behind the boards for 2 years.  He has also since become a father since we recorded this podcast, and relocated to Williamsburg Brooklyn! Mazel Tov!

 If you are into DIY work, studio work, guitar players, and the story of a NYC band from pure hustle, this episode will get you pumped!! We also got a connection to Clint Eastwood. 

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