Hustle Beach Episode 009 : Maynard Breslow of Dank Discussions

When I first arrived to the streets of Yafo, I seen a man and his fiancé pull up on scooters like they were in a mini-gang. It was none other than Maynard Breslow.  From LA to Mexico City to Dallas and Israel, an interesting story of a man who comes to being Jewish and working in Israel with Americans in the Cannabis industry. Not only does he bring the hustle attitude of Los Angeles to Israel, but we go deep into the back story of the journey.  Maynard is also the guy with the best "Ice Grill" face in my Schmoozin' music video

For more on Maynard Breslow, please go and visit !! That is  his website with Dank Discussions podcast, where they help you go in and create that loyalty for your Cannabis business. 

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Key moments in the podcast: 

3:02 Futbol! He used to record games and sell the VHS tapes and cassettes.

8:30 Where the hustle started - Mexico City.

16:50 Hockey team meets the pot dealer! And a monologue from Maynard's Dad .

21:10 Drug industry and jail and the industry of Cannabis in Israel 

25:30 Discussion on the personal experience of Maynard's Dank Discussion Podcast

29:00 Wiz Khalifa Bowing weed in a cop's face

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