Hustle Beach Episode 010: Snowflake Black of Lucille Crew

Hustle Beach is back with its 10th episode ever and 8th of the year, every single tuesday of 2020. 

This week we hear the story of Snowflake Black , who we have the pleasure of touring together with Lucille Crew in my first big Israel tour since moving here.  I met up with him in NYC after a meeting at the Fader. We drank coffee, went to the Empire State Building and recorded this podcast in my mom's car. Snowflake Black has been at it for a long time. We speak writing, collaborations, and life growing up in Little Rock Arkansas.  We chat normal living life  and bartending to joining Lucille Crew and playing in front of thousands of people in Europe and in Israel.  We speak solo life artistry  versus group life, and also being the non-jewish guy from Brooklyn that is literally flying to Israel to perform for packed shows at all times!! 

A honest guy with a real story and a real hustle. A MUST LISTEN EPISODE on Hustle Beach.

Lucille Crew has just released their new album Slow Burn and is scheduled for a massive Israel tour in the upcoming weeks.  Visit for more info on all that jazz!! Follow @snowflakeblack and @Lucillecrew

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some key moments in the podcast: 

2:10 Banging in little rock with the Clintons

6:10 go where the music goes

11:00 moving out to LA for acting

13:45 3 solo albums

15:30 A Crazy name snowflake Black...playing for thousands of Festivals.

18:30 no offense to any bands...but did you ever think you'd be in a

21:08 representing the voice of the crew (Lucille Crew) 

22:50 Being part of an Israeli band and not being Israeli 

26:30 the half black guy in Israel!

32:45 I have to do this! Door to Door sales in Los Angeles to sold out shows overseas

33:10 It doesn't happen overnight and I got nothing to go back to

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