Hustle Beach Episode 011: Jordan Young. Indie Radio Promo and Licensing

In the time of Corona, I didn't stick to the schedule. We got lots  to discuss. As the end of the live music business sis upon us and I was getting ready to head to SXSW and what was left over of it. Jordan Young is a radio guy from Minneapolis that made hs way over to Los Angeles. We discuss the ideas of the future of the music business. Jordan worked my record to college radio in 2016 and with the ever changing climate we shoot the  sh$t back n forth on the new music and all things to come, from Tom Hanks to music licensing. We also recorded this in Jordan's car in Hollywood. before I headed down to the remnants of SXSW.

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some good moments from the podcast:

6:00 How do you promote your music in a pandemic? 

10:30 There are bigger things than promoting your music

21:00 College radio isn't only for college students

25:20 A record with Kendrick Lamar a court case and college radio just wants the song!

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