Hustle Beach Episode 012: Matt Bar of Bible Raps

Welcome back to  Hustle Beach!! In Episode 12, we prepare for the hustle of Passover with Matt Bar of Bible Raps and the Hip Hop Haggadah. He speaks about his beginning in Iowa City and his first opening act for Outkast, his move to NYC and then ending up in Philadelphia. We learn about the ins and outs of his life from rapper to folk music  to Jewish educator and the new hustles of life in the pandemic for upcoming passover season.

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key moments in the podcast

1:30 History of Rap for Matt Bar in Washington University in  St Louis.

6:45 Nobody has Cds anymore - how do we sell music?

8:00 From rapping before Outkast to rapping about Passover

9:45 The Beit Midrash and the Beit Knesset and Iowa City life all  mashed together

14:30 "I heard you the best jewish rapper alive....but I heard there is only 5"

15:15 "Hit em where they ain't" - A League Of Their Own movie theory.

21:00 The intrigue Jews and parody music 

24:00 Leaning in the chair and the new Hip Hop Haggadah and our new track.

30:30 Full time Bible Raps for 12 years and the breaking of NYC

38:00 Losing work and traditional engagements to Corona virus and filling up the digital space

40:00 The passover song we made!

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