172: A Long Drive and A Day Off

As we enter the heavy holiday travel season it felt only right to tell you the story of a very long drive and some of our best tips for taking a day off. We hope you find yourself surrounded by friends and family this season and we give you a few tips on how to prepare for that with your Realtor hat on. The truth is even when you go on vacation or take a much needed day off you are still a Realtor and there really isn’t anything wrong with that. Let’s talk about how to successfully take time away from work without feeling worry and stress while you are gone. And don’t forget you need to grab the first module of The Database Course for FREE! Now is the time you want to be reaching out to your people and getting all of their contact info updated. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!   Get your FREE Database Template and all of the information on how to set it up! Email Templates 101: emailtemplates101.com Agent Systems 101: agentsystems101.com All Resources: hustlehumblypodcast.com Submit your topic ideas and toasts to hustlehumblypodcast@gmail.com.

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Join us for Hustle Humbly where we hope you will build the confidence to find your voice and your way to a successful real estate business and beyond. Listen in as Alissa & Katy, two top producing Realtors, talk about fostering #communityovercompetition while navigating the often times cutthroat real estate industry. With over 900 homes sold between them and 8 and 15 years each in the business, they have seen it first hand. Deep dive into conversations and interviews about mindset and best practices with real life stories mixed in. The goal of Hustle Humbly is to reach out and encourage Realtors and business people alike to stop comparing themselves and start embracing their own strengths.