179: Is Technology Leaving You Behind

The real estate industry seems to change at lightning speed. We are constantly being bombarded with new technology and ideas to advance our business. Sometimes the overwhelm of keeping up is enough to just throw up your hands. In this week’s episode we interview national speaker and best-selling author, Marki Lemons! Marki tells it to you straight on why she became a tech expert and how she managed that even though she wasn’t a tech “natural”. Marki shares some of her favorite tools and tips for social media and a thriving online presence. We get into her niche, farming, social philosophy and find out what social media apps she quit this year. We hit so many topics in this fun chat with Marki! You can find Marki at www.markilemons.com and @markilemons on social!    Get your FREE Database Template  Email Templates 101: emailtemplates101.com Agent Systems 101: agentsystems101.com All Resources: hustlehumblypodcast.com Submit your topic ideas and toasts to hustlehumblypodcast@gmail.com.

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