Season 4 E9 Season Break Up - Break Fast, Breakthroughs, Break Dance

av HyperTalks | Publicerades 12/16/2019

“I was given specific instructions, not to make him cry“  What happens when you put the Don Draper of India, the Pro-Bono of U2, a Passionated Pisces and an Outspoken and Opinionated Leader in the same room? Season 4 has been an exciting and flourishing journey through the digital industry. Together with various inspiring industry leaders, we have discovered diverse insights that are shaping our and your future. We are Nitin, Linn, Ku & Erik. 4 Digital Media Creative students from @hyperisland in Stockholm who will take you through our well of insights as we conclude our adventure.  Whether you have listened to all our episodes or this would be your first, we promise you micro-learnings and laughter, as well as some personal wrap-up moments.  We have not only a podcast to wrap up, but a team as well. Thank you all listeners, guests, supporters & Beppos, You have been amazing. P.S Keep an eye open on our social media channels as the next HyperTalks crew, season 5, is taking over. See you in the future // Season 4 Nitin George, Linn Jansson, Ku Mensah & Erik Granholm. For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy

Om Podcasten

Hey there! We are Andrea, Anne, Ellen, Fanny, Haidar, Maki and Torjus - seven classmates from the DMC-program at Hyper Island Stockholm. HyperTalks is our ship, on which we navigate the seas of storytelling - sailing through the waters of tech, design, media and whatever else we might find interesting. So tune in and join us as we swashbuckle our way through the podcast-landscape. Ahoy!