Metal Music with Rob Dukes

In this episode, the team discusses metal music with vocalist of Generation Kill, former vocalist of Exodus, and host of the Put Up Your Dukes Podcast, Rob Dukes. Follow Rob on Instagram @rob_dukes and his band @generationkillband ! Make sure to check out the the Put Up Your Dukes Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts or go to ! To buy Generation Kill's newest album "MKUltra" , go to or stream it on your favorite streaming platform ! ***video used*** Strike of the Beast by Exodus Our merch store is now live! Go to for shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more! Subscribe to our Patreon at for ad free episodes, bonus episodes, and more exclusive perks! Tiers start at just $2! Go to to buy tickets to Jim's upcoming tour, The Moist Tour.See for privacy information.

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Welcome to I Don't know about That with Jim Jefferies. In this show, Kelly Blackheart and Forrest Shaw will bring up topics unbeknownst to me and Jack Hackett. Then I'll spout off everything I know.