106: Would Working a 4-Day Week Make Sense in Healthcare?

What if your work week were 32 hours? If you’re starting out in your career or have your own business, have you thought about the structure you’d like to create in your business and for your employees? Claire shares her thoughts about creating a 4-day work week at Rogue as her team grows. She’s seen a lot of benefits with a less than full time schedule that she shares and gives some things for you to consider if you have an opportunity to adjust your schedule at some point. Join us inside NeuroSpark when we open May 19, 2022!  www.neurocollaborative.com/neurospark

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We are a couple of neurologic physical therapists on the quest to keep the passion, commitment, and possibilities alive for those who love neuro rehab and wellness like us, without burnout and overwhelm. This show is great for neuro therapists and trainers looking to stay up to date and make a greater impact. Join us in this important movement to elevate healthcare!