108: DON’T Put Your Oxygen Mask On First - Do This Instead

Who hasn’t heard the “you’ve got to put your oxygen mask on first” analogy referring to self care? Is it just me or is that saying super annoying? I’m not a proponent of it, and in today’s show I’ll tell you why. I’ll share what you should do instead if you’re feeling like you’re not doing as well as you’d like to be in life. Whether you’re feeling tired, burnt out, emotionally drained, broke, stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, scared, or numb, listen up for a helpful strategy you can put to use right away. When you use this strategy you’ll start to feel happy, joyful, generous and present for yourself and the people you care about most. Promise! We’re on the Top 20 Neurology Podcasts on Feedspot https://blog.feedspot.com/neurology_podcasts/Join our collaborative community! Get mentorship, continuing education, laughter, joy, fun, and support. Get out of burnout, overwhelm, and the overwork culture that’s not serving you. NeuroSpark is opening May 19-26th: www.neurocollaborative.com/neurospark

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We are a couple of neurologic physical therapists on the quest to keep the passion, commitment, and possibilities alive for those who love neuro rehab and wellness like us, without burnout and overwhelm. This show is great for neuro therapists and trainers looking to stay up to date and make a greater impact. Join us in this important movement to elevate healthcare!