I Said What I Said

Holding Space: Is wanting to fix other people's issues compassionate or selfish?

av I Said What I Said | Publicerades 5/18/2020

In this episode we discuss issues around how to effectively and selflessly hold space for people. Do you know how to hold space for people without making their problems about you? Is wanting to fix loved one's issues a compassionate or selfish act? As a spiritual person is it defeatist to accept suffering and illness? Follow Mica on instagram.com/micamontana/ and Alecia on instagram.com/tendertruffle . Like this podcast? TIP US! All money goes FINANCIAL RELIEF ISWIS LISTENERS STRUGGLING DUE TO COVID-19 - www.paypal.me/iswispodcast. TO RECEIVE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FROM THE ISWIS LISTENERS FUND - heyiswis@gmail.com. Come chat about this episode on our Facebook group! - www.facebook.com/groups/242333026713965/ instagram.com/iswis_podcast / youtube.com/mukundwa / twitter.com/mukundwa_ Tag your favourite illustrators on this Instagram post or email them to us: www.instagram.com/p/B_fsxJah1UE/

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