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Lacey Is Your Friend - I, Survivor

Avsnittet publicerades: 11/27/2018

Lacey Henderson survived a childhood cancer that had no survival rate, but losing a leg didn’t slow her down. Inspired by the classic film bring it on, she became a competitive cheerleader. Then, over a casual family game of beer pong her Dad bet her she could never pole vault as an amputee. Not only did she fly, she became an Olympian! Ok, so there was a lot of training and other hard stuff that happened in between but it kinda feels like she was born for this. Links from Today’s Episode! Find Lacey Online Watch Lacey’s Ted Talk Learn more about Athletes for Hope Support this show by supporting our sponsors! Brooklinen - Get $20 off and free shipping at Brooklinen.com, and use code SURVIVOR at checkout. Ancestry - Go to Ancestry.com/survivor and order your kit for just $59. Quip - Go to GetQuip.com/survivor to get your first refill pack free with your order of an electric toothbrush.

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Women get assaulted. Women get attacked. Women get harassed, manipulated, intimidated, but women are survivors. Time and time again, she persists, even against all odds. Hosts Jenna Brister and Wagatwe Wanjuki share their stories, and those of the men and women who fought back, who won, and who live rising above the trauma of their experiences.