My Husband The Sociopath

Av I, Survivor

Avsnittet publicerades: 11/6/2018


When Michele Simms was 23 she met the man she married. He was a sociopath and she couldn't escape. It took a stay in a really unlikely place for her to find the strength she needed to get out. Reminder that mental illness is not your fault, nor is it a reflection of your value. Asking for help or taking medication to manage your symptoms is not weakness and admitting you are not okay is not a failure. Links from today's episode: How to Spot a Sociopath Are you the target of a sociopath? Support this show by supporting our sponsors! Bombas - Visit and use code Survivor at checkout for 20% off your first order. Brooklinen - Get $20 off and free shipping when you use the code Survivor at

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Women get assaulted. Women get attacked. Women get harassed, manipulated, intimidated, but women are survivors. Time and time again, she persists, even against all odds. Hosts Jenna Brister and Wagatwe Wanjuki share their stories, and those of the men and women who fought back, who won, and who live rising above the trauma of their experiences.