The July Effect

Av I, Survivor

Avsnittet publicerades: 5/7/2019


Stacy Seltzer had just married her husband, Jason, when something happened that set off a chain reaction that upturned her entire life: She got pregnant. That led to misdiagnoses, chronic pain, and a month-long stay in the hospital in July 2012. Finally one thing gave her some relief: The July Effect. The jury's still out on whether it's a myth, but what Stacy went through is very, very real. LINKS! Decide for yourself: July Effect, fact or fiction? Be your own health advocate! Don't forget to tune into The Hot Zone on National Geographic on May 27th.

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Women get assaulted. Women get attacked. Women get harassed, manipulated, intimidated, but women are survivors. Time and time again, she persists, even against all odds. Hosts Jenna Brister and Wagatwe Wanjuki share their stories, and those of the men and women who fought back, who won, and who live rising above the trauma of their experiences.