262. sacred conversation with terence lester, ph.d.

Wow. I hope you listen to and feel this one. My second Sacred Conversation is with Terence Lester, Ph.D., a soul who does sacred work to restore and celebrate the dignity of those who are unhoused and/or invisible. He is a husband, father, author, and founder of both Love Beyond Walls and Dignity Museum. In our very soulful, vulnerable conversation, we talk about the profound self-harm caused by not seeing the dignity of other souls, the cost of invisibility, our life journeys of spiritual servitude, and the priceless personal and collective value of true listening.Sacred Conversations are periodic episodes of my podcast in which I reach out to people whose work and life inspire me, and we simply have an old fashioned phone conversation. No video. No scripted, transactional, extractive, one-sided interview dynamic. Just two people with a care and curiosity for each other’s journey, asking each other soulful questions, and enjoying the ancient, mutually healing art of listening deeply. Again, not an interview. A spiritual communion. The idea is for us to relax and enjoy an organic conversation, like over tea or breaking bread, and get to know each other along the way. My new book Dear Artist, and all my books are available at jaiyajohn.com (thank you for purchasing directly from the author) and at booksellers worldwide. Audiobooks, eBooks, book specials, sleep stories, audio talks, apparel, and piano music are exclusively at my website. Thank you for posting your copies of my books on Instagram, tagging #jaiyajohn, encouraging others to purchase, posting readings of your favorite passages, and sharing online book reviews. My whole heart cries Grateful. jaiyajohn.com... Support the show

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