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ICTP 098: Community Chat on leveraging ICT during the coronavirus pandemic

av ICT Pulse Podcast | Publicerades 3/25/2020

In this Community Chat, and with members of the Caribbean tech community, Allison James and Amit Uttamchandani, the panel discusses ICT and COVID-19 (the coronavirus): some of the challenges that are being experienced, ways it can be better leveraged, and emerging opportunities.

We also discuss:

  • Whether there would (or should) be a difference between how a business approaches what might be perceived as short-term interventions, such as having its employees telework, as opposed to if those measures are to remain in effect for several months?
  • What might be some of the ICT infrastructure-related  challenges and considerations, in order to support remote working?
  • Although considerable attention has been given to e-learning and equipping classrooms with computers/laptops/tablets, why does it appear that remote learning is still a challenge in some countries?
  • Many of the terminal exams that shape the trajectory of people's lives, such as Grade 6/Common Entrance, O-levels, A-levels, should be occurring in May and June, but are being postponed. Are there options or solutions that could be considered? 


Show notes and links to some of the things mentioned during the episode can be found at www.ict-pulse.com/category/podcast/

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