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ICTP 101: Exploring the telecoms and ICT space of the Spice Isle, Grenada, with Brent McIntosh

av ICT Pulse Podcast | Publicerades 4/15/2020

Also known as the Spice Isle and world famous tourist destination, Grenada has one of the most well developed telecoms and ICT sectors in the Caribbean region, and more so the Eastern Caribbean.  In this the latest instalment of our Know Your Neighbours series, ISP and Network Infrastructure professional, Brent McIntosh, sheds some light on:

  • the telecoms and ICT space is like in Grenada;
  • how the country is leveraging telecoms and ICT; and
  • some of emerging ICT-related trends and opportunities there.

Show notes and links to some of the things mentioned during the episode can be found at www.ict-pulse.com/category/podcast/

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