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ICTP 108: Clouds, governments and improving service delivery, with Eamonn Sheehy, of Cloud Carib

av ICT Pulse Podcast | Publicerades 6/3/2020

Although Caribbean governments have been engaging in e-government initiatives for at least a decade, most of them would have received a failing grade due to their ability to engage their clients and to facilitate transactions efficiently and effectively when work from home (WFH) arrangements that had been instituted to reduce the rate of infection of COVID-19.

Eamonn Sheehy is the Director, Public Sector, of Cloud Carib, and in light of the pandemic and the 2020 hurricane season, he shares his thoughts and opinions on what Caribbean governments ought to do to improve their systems and to avoid the marked deterioration in their processes and services, which would augur well, not only as we navigate our way out of this pandemic, but also achieve longer term improvements in government service delivery.


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