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Episode 27: USMCA-The real story for the US Economy, Mexican politics, and the automotive industry

av IHS Markit | Economics & Country Risk | Publicerades 2/12/2020

We have heard a lot about the USMCA but do we really have a good handle on the agreement and what it means? In this episode, our experts take a closer look. Michael Konidaris, from our US team, talks about how the USMCA is different from the old NAFTA agreement, what industries and markets we should watch under the agreement, and how it will impact boarder states with Canada and Mexico and the US Economy. Stephanie Brinley, from our automotive group, talks positives and negatives to the automotive industry and why some of the big headline provisions may not really be a big deal. However, costs to smaller shops and end consumers could increase due to some of the new provisions. We wrap up with Carlos Cardenas, the director of our risk desk for Latin America, talking about the risks for Mexico that have been mitigated and the possible political and economic challenges related to labor and migration. Speakers John Raines, Principal Global Risks Adviser and Head of North America, Economics & Country Risk, IHS Markit https://ihsmarkit.com/experts/raines-john.html Michael Konidaris, Pricipal Economist, US Economics, IHS Markit https://ihsmarkit.com/experts/konidaris-michael.html Stephani Brinley, Principal Automotive Analyst, IHS Markit https://ihsmarkit.com/experts/brinley-stephanie.html Carlos Cardenas, Director, Latin America Country Risk, IHS Markit https://ihsmarkit.com/experts/cardenas-carlos.html Recorded: 29 January 2020

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