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Episode 32: Impact of Covid-19 on global employment and labor markets

av IHS Markit | Economics & Country Risk | Publicerades 3/3/2020

Our pricing and purchasing team provide insights into what the Covid-19 outbreaks means to labor, employment, ad the supply chain. Sophie Malin discusses the disruption to production starts in china fed by lower return rates of migrant workers. In addition, she addresses which sectors will feel the long-term losses the hardest—think transportation. Emily Crowley expands on the global disruption looking at how this can and will impact US production lines with a slowdown in shipping trade flows. However, she notes that this is not the only drag to the US supply chain and talks us through the knock-on effects of the Boeing 737 Max shut down and changes to the minimum wage. Speakers: John Anton, Associate Director – Pricing and Purchasing, IHS Markit https://ihsmarkit.com/experts/anton-john.html Sophie Malin, Senior Economist, Pricing & Purchasing, IHS Markit Emily Crowley, Principal Economist – Pricing and Purchasing, IHS Markit https://ihsmarkit.com/experts/crowley-emily.html

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