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A Donut Ring of Magnets

av iMore show | Publicerades 10/19/2020

The glorious horde of iPhones 12 are finally upon us as the crew are joined by Rene Ritchie to discuss each model along with the adorably smol HomePod mini. Which model and color are your favorite? Show Notes and Links: Apple's new HomePod mini is official and it's small and awesome | iMore Apple officially announces the iPhone 12 with 5G | iMore Apple officially announces iPhone 12 mini with 5G, $699 price tag | iMore Apple officially announces iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max | iMore Apple just brought MagSafe back baby! Attach all your accessories to the back of your iPhone | iMore Belkin announces new iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories | iMore Apple MagSafe chargers and accessories: Everything you need to know | iMore iPhone 12: Ditching chargers makes sense, but USB-C cables complicate things | iMore Sponsors: FightCamp: On Demand Boxing Workouts — Try FightCamp for 30 days, and if you don’t love it, they’ll refund your money! Train like a fighter and turn your sweat into results. To try Fight Camp for 30 days, just go to: joinfightcamp.com/imore Hosts: Lory Gil Joe Keller Georgia Dow

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