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What about the rich people?

av iMore show | Publicerades 11/23/2020

Lory, Joe, and Georgia discuss first impressions of the M1 Macs. Turns out, the hype is real when it comes to performance and battery life! They also review HomePod mini and Joe walks us through some cool Siri Shortcuts. Apple has reduced their cut of sales to 15% for any developer that generates less than one million dollars of revenue on the App Store. Show Notes and Links: HomePod minis are arriving around the world | iMore Customers are starting to receive their M1 Apple silicon Macs | iMore Pixelmator Pro's ML Super Resolution feature absolutely flies on M1 Macs | iMore MacBook Air with M1 review: One giant leap | iMore Apple to push controversial advertising privacy features despite opposition | iMore Apple reducing App Store cut to 15% for 'vast majority' of developers | iMore Epic Games and Spotify blast App Store changes | iMore Sponsors: Woven: Woven is the all in one calendar perfect for busy people. Try Woven Premium for free for 21 days at usewoven.com/imore. Hosts: Lory Gil Joe Keller Georgia Dow

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