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#139 Molly Bloom on How to Reach True Fulfillment | Impact Theory

av Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu | Publicerades 9/17/2019

Molly Bloom, the exceptional woman behind Molly’s Game, ran the world’s most successful illegal poker game. And then it all came crashing down. It’s a fascinating story, but what is more amazing is her recovery from devastating failure. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Molly Bloom explains the importance of courage, character and integrity, how to recover from even the most brutal setbacks, and how to enjoy your life on the road to success.


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Molly talks about being the underdog [3:40]

What is “constructive suffering?” [4:41]

Molly advocates perseverance as the primary value [6:48]

Molly explains how her father taught her to face fear [8:48]

Molly talks about how she might raise her kids [10:25]

Molly explains why she decided to hold on to her integrity at all costs [11:56]

Molly says that her come back from rock bottom is her most impressive accomplishment [15:04]

Molly describes the process to getting her story told through a movie [16:34]

Molly defines survival mode and explains how she used survival mode to succeed [19:54]

Molly explains the “rage to master” [26:05]

Molly talks about flexibility and self-awareness, and how it’s necessary to adapt [28:15]

Molly talks about her relationship with her father [31:02]

Molly describes the advantages of femininity [33:58]

No shortcuts [37:08]

Molly advocates being ok with uncomfortable feelings and emotions [39:01]

Molly claims that meditation will make you dangerous [40:26]

Molly describes mental training and character development [42:26]

Molly discusses the limitations of self-help and how she wants to overcome those limits [45:13]

Molly shares the impact she wants to have on the world [48:47]



“Fear is the greatest thief of dreams and a fulfilling life.” [10:18]

“He sits back in his chair and he gives me this amused expression. And he’s like, “Well I’ll tell you one thing. I’ve never met someone so down on their luck and so full of themselves.” [19:14]

“You know inside when you’ve taken a shortcut. When you haven’t shown up 100%...No shortcuts. Ever. Every detail, you put your name on.”  [38:04]

“I was around some of the world’s most successful, wealthy, powerful people. I can count on this hand and half of this hand how many people were enjoying their life.” [44:25]





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