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Sarah Wilson on Why You Should Quit Sugar, Appreciate Anxiety, and Experiment With Everything | Health Theory

av Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu | Publicerades 10/3/2019

Sarah Wilson is no stranger to staking out controversial positions. The bestselling author who started the “I Quit Sugar” movement is now taking on anxiety and mental health. In this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Sarah Wilson explains why you need to quit sugar immediately, how to deal with anxiety and depression, and why the best health tips for most people are simple and inexpensive.

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Sarah talks about anxiety and how to befriend it [2:10]

Sarah describes her experience with hashimoto’s disease [5:44]

Sarah explains how she found herself in a role that didn’t fit with her values [9:20]

Sarah shares her story of becoming suicidal [12:09]

Sarah describes how to frame mental issues as positive forces [14:20]

Sarah and Tom discuss the sinister side of anxiety [18:22]

Sarah explains that panic attacks only last 20 or 30 minutes [22:16]

Sarah advocates meditation [25:03]

Sarah describes somatic theory [28:44]

Sarah describes the work people need to do to deal with anxiety [30:23]

Sarah and Tom discuss gut health and its connection to brain health [34:30]

Sarah shares inexpensive, practical tips for physical and mental health [36:19]

Sarah and Tom discuss functional medicine and first principles [38:08]

Sarah explains how to practice focus and resilience [41:38]

Sarah advocates the one change people should make to impact their health [45:30]


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