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3 reasons why PBL is valuable in every learning setting

av Impactful PBL Podcast | Publicerades 10/28/2020

Hey impact makers. In episode 11, I shared why I believe that project-based learning is great for distance learning. And since that episode, I've coached more teachers who are implementing project-based learning in a blended learning environment. Yes, teachers are experiencing a different set of challenges with implementing project-based learning in a blended or distance learning environment.  So the question becomes, Is it worth trying to implement PBL virtually? During this episode, we will explore why PBL is still valuable regardless of the learning setting.Tune in to hear:[1:08] The challenges teachers are facing with implementing project-based learning in a remote or hybrid environment[2:00] Why it's still worth implementing project-based learning in a distance or remote learning environment [5:21] How teachers can use PBL to build the 21st-century skills necessary for college and/or career readiness[7:44] How PBL can improve student motivation and attitude toward learning in remote or hybrid settingsResources mentioned in the episode:Learn how to shift from doing projects to designing impactful project-based learning experiences for students. This free training series and planning guide will show you the process hundreds of teachers used to make PBL a reality in their classrooms. Register for the free training: the showThank you for listening! If you find this podcast useful and would like to support the show, please rate, review and subscribe using your favorite podcasting app. Sharing is caring. When you leave a review, you are helping fellow educators find this podcast enabling them to design impactful project-based learning experiences for their students.

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Candice Wilson-McCain is a curriculum and instruction specialist who helps educators plan and implement memorable learning experiences-mostly through project-based learning. She explores research-based practices and collaborates with educators to witness project-based learning in action. On this podcast, Candice provides resources, tips, and support to help educators craft learning experiences that empower their students to tackle challenges in school and their community through project-based learning. If you are an educator who desires to move from theory to practice with project-based learning, subscribe to the podcast to receive notification of new episodes. Let's talk PBL!