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What is the teachers’ role during project-based learning?

av Impactful PBL Podcast | Publicerades 2/8/2021

Let's discuss the teachers' role during project-based learning experiences. Last month, I led an introduction to PBL workshop, and a teacher asked the following questions: What is the teachers' role during project-based learning? Is it possible to offer too much voice and choice? How much should students contribute to the project? How much should teachers contribute to the project? I know the responses to the questions shared is debatable because depending on who you listen to or what you read, the answer will vary. Some education researchers believe that students should design all aspects of the project. Whereas, some education researchers believe that teachers should take the leading role during PBL. In this episode, we will explore the teachers' role during project-based learning.Tune in to hear:[1:33] Where the idea of project-based learning originated and how the concept evolved over time[4:46] The common misconceptions about the teachers' role during PBL[6:10] Why the role of the teacher during project-based learning can be confusing[8:34] What it means to be the facilitator, guide, or coach during project-based learning experiences[10:43] What to do when a student asks a question, and you don't know the answer[11:50] How the teachers' mindset about project-based learning impact student outcomes[14:00] The teachers' role in designing project-based learning experiencesResources mentioned in the episode: Learn how to shift from doing projects to designing impactful project-based learning experiences for students. This free training series and planning guide will show you the process hundreds of teachers used to make PBL a reality in their classrooms. Register for the free training: the showThank you for listening! If you find this podcast useful and would like to support the show, please rate, review and subscribe using your favorite podcasting app. Sharing is caring. When you leave a review, you are helping fellow educators find this podcast enabling them to design impactful project-based learning experiences for their students.

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