In Focus with David Yarrow

Polar Bears

av In Focus with David Yarrow | Publicerades 2/17/2021

The extreme danger surrounding polar bears makes them poor candidates for portrait photography. Photographer David Yarrow travelled around the world to find a place where he could get close to these majestic animals, and achieved shots that others had previously failed to. This episode tells the story behind his powerful polar bear photographs: 78 Degrees North (2017), Diamonds in the Sky (2018) and Hello (2015).  Read the transcript here:

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Few people have seen the world like fine art photographer David Yarrow has. On the In Focus Podcast we will be granting unprecedented access to David’s creative process to show you life behind the lens. We will take you to negotiate with North Korean hijackers, confront the world’s largest elephant and swim in the icy waters of Norway in search of content that transcends.