In Focus with David Yarrow

The Killers

av In Focus with David Yarrow | Publicerades 2/3/2021

There are only a few places in the world where there is a possibility of capturing a killer whale on camera. David took his chance in the short intervals of daylight during a Norwegian winter, but he didn’t expect to join the killers in the icy water. In this episode of In Focus, hear the details of the story behind his perspective-shifting orca photo ‘The Killers’ (2019).  Read the transcript here:

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Few people have seen the world like fine art photographer David Yarrow has. On the In Focus Podcast we will be granting unprecedented access to David’s creative process to show you life behind the lens. We will take you to negotiate with North Korean hijackers, confront the world’s largest elephant and swim in the icy waters of Norway in search of content that transcends.