Catherine Barr and Jean Claude: Let's Save the Planet

Catherine Barr started writing children’s books after looking for a book on evolution for her daughters but finding the available material dry and uninspiring. Having slipped unexpectedly into writing for children, she has gone on to write books on many subjects with a strong theme of environment, and conversation. With a background in ecology, and having worked for Greenpeace and the Natural History Museum, she is well-placed to write about these subjects.Jean Claude is a self-taught illustrator from the UK, currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal.In this episode, they talk to Nikki Gamble about the first book in a new series: Let's Save the Planet.About Let's Save the Planet: AntarcticaDiscover why we must protect Antarctica from climate change. Home to millions of penguins, ancient dinosaur fossils and huge blue whales, Antarctica is our last great wilderness. This fascinating picture book brings to life this extreme and exciting continent for young children, exploring its icy landscape and extraordinary wildlife.It also shows the incredible scientific research that happens there and therefore why it is so important that we act to protect this special part of the planet from climate change and plastic pollution.About Let's Save the Planet: The AmazonDiscover why we must protect the Amazon from climate change. Bursting with all kinds of life, the Amazon is one of the most incredible places on Earth. This richly illustrated picture book brings to life this extraordinary region for young children, exploring its tropical rainforest and scenic landscapes.It showcases the lush wildlife, diverse communities and life-saving medicines that can all be found there and therefore why it is so important that we act to protect this special part of the planet from the impact of climate change.

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