Cornelia Funke: The Aurelia Curse

Cornelia Funke is a fantasy writer whose work has garnered international recognition and has been adapted for cinema.  Her first book to be translated into English was The Thief Lord, followed by Dragon Rider, which was hugely successful, remaining on the New York Times bestseller list for 78 weeks and achieving the number one slot on the children's list. A second book in the series, The Griffin's Feather, was published over a decade later and now Funke returns to the world of Dragon Rider with a third book in the series, The Aurelia Curse.Cornelia joined Nikki Gamble In The Reading Corner from her home in Volterra Italy and explained why there might be long gaps in writing new stories for her series and what prompted her to write this latest book.About The Aurelia CurseBen and the Greenblooms must protect a mythical new creature rising from the ocean that can bring light or darkness to whoever it first meets - a vast, mythical Aurelia. It's a race against time to protect it, for if the Aurelia is hurt, all fabulous creatures will vanish from Earth. In the end, though, it may take the arrival of the original silver dragon, Firedrake, to help save them all ...

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