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In The Ring With Eusebius McKaiser Episode 27 - HOW SHOULD I READ A BOOK?

One of the listeners of In The Ring With Eusebius McKaiser enjoyed the episode in which I engaged Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh on his book The New Apartheid and left the following generous comment on my Instagram account, "Your analysis of Sizwe's book was amazing. Perhaps it would be great for you to give us tips on how you read and subsequently analyse and or synthesise a book's key a future instalment of your podcast."My producer and I listen to your engagement and feedback continuously. Because the podcast belongs to us as a community, and not just to me as the host. SO .. in this episode I tackle the question, "How should I read a book?" I asked my good friend, and one of the country's best  minds, Professor Pumla Gqola, a brilliant feminist writer and scholar, to help me tackle this question so that we can help many more people fall in love with the magic of books, and the joy of reading. 

Om Podcasten

On In The Ring With Eusebius McKaiser I tackle all the uncomfortable topics that dominate public debate. With my reputation for fearless debate as a former World Masters Debate Champ, and a background in law and philosophy, you can expect debates on everything from whether or not it is racist for a non-black person to quote the N-word, to questions of how to tackle inequality, whether people are responsible for unconscious biases, the ethics of refusing to be vaccinated, the status of animals, debating books, and much more! The crucial differentiator of this podcast series compared to others is that it is fearless in its debate orientation, and no topic is off bounds! However, my motto is: "You are entitled to be treated with dignity .... but NOT to have your worldview affirmed!" So come with well-considered reasons for your viewpoints when you get YOUR chance to come on the platform to In The Ring With Eusebius McKaiser