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Episode 3: Collaborate Your Way forward

Today's episode features one of my favourite joyful selling tactics which is collaboration. I've collaborated a lot over the years which has been super fun whilst stretching my creative experience, building my audience and selling a shit tonne of products to excited customers. Listen along to learn: • The 3 reasons why collaborations are joyful. • 5 steps to making them a success. • The main reason a collaboration goes wrong. • The ripple effect of a fun collab. • 3 simple steps to get started. Plus... the story about the time I reached out of my comfort zone to create the collaboration of my dreams. If you want to pump some zing into your sales then collaborate your way forward! This episode gives you the exact steps to make it happen. Download your copy of the Joyful Selling Play Book so you can takes notes and make the strategy shared work for your situation:

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