Get It Done Goal Setting

Here's how you can accomplish your goals in 2022. You might not be setting goals at the moment in case you don't get it done and you don't think you can handle what you'll feel or deal with how you'll talk to yourself afterwards. So let's decide ahead of time that you will be a better boss to yourself and encourage and support yourself no matter what happens. Goal setting is a skill to hone. You won't get it 'right' all the time but over time you will take more action in your business. Notepad and pen at the ready to follow this simple framework. Join our list for easy and doable strategies to create success in your business and join our FREE webinar on 7th January to set your business up for success in 2022: Indie Roller Ltd

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The Indie Roller podcast peeks into the everyday lives of Indie Biz owners. We’ll explore a myriad of myths, truths and secrets to empower you to play by your own rules.