SIOR, Still Relevant?

In this episode of the Industrial Advisors Podcast, hosts Bill Condon and Matt McGregor discuss the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) designation. SIOR is an international organization of real estate professionals that has been around for many years. Being an SIOR member is seen as one of the best designations you can get in commercial, industrial and office real estate. Both hosts emphasize that the relevance of this designation greatly depends on the effort and commitment you put into it. They argue that it brings educational opportunities and networking potential, especially for smaller boutique firms. They also recommend it for young and upcoming brokers, while stressing its varying impact based on geographical location and the strength of local chapters. They conclude by mentioning that while larger corporate tenants are generally familiar with the SIOR designation, they may not fully understand its depth and value to their business. 00:37 Introduction to the Podcast 00:47 Understanding the SIOR Designation 01:24 Relevance of SIOR in Today's Market 02:17 Benefits of SIOR for Different Firms 03:37 SIOR for Young Brokers 04:23 Comparing SIOR and CCIM Designations 04:56 Insights from a Veteran SIOR Broker 05:53 Recognition of SIOR Among Tenants and Landlords 06:49 Conclusion and Recommendations

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