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SARA HOLLAND: writing contemporary fantasy, plotting, and surviving the quarantine!

av Ink Feather Podcast | Publicerades 3/28/2020

Be sure to check out signed author swag over on our etsy store: Don't miss out on any interviews with your favorite authors! sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with new episodes (nothing spammy I promise!) ------------------------------------------ Welcome to the Ink Feather Podcast, which explores the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy books through those who bring them to life. We chat with authors and industry pros about their books, including new releases and old favorites. I’m Lauren and this is episode 40, where I chat with bestselling author Sara Holland! Sara is the author of HAVENFALL, as well as the Everless books, and she sat down with me to discuss what it's been like writing contemporary fantasy vs secondary world fantasy, magic in our world, and plotting. We also discussed the quarantine and what we've been reading. All this and more on this episode! Also, don't miss out on your chance to enter our INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! Enter here: Follow Sara! IG: Twitter: Also, don't forget to follow Ink Feather: IG: Twitter:

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