Matau the Giant - Building Resilience Towards Failure and Rejection - EP 48

I find myself bruised and battered, in a place altogether unfamiliar to me. And then a shocking discovery is made... This week's episode explores the Maori mythology of Matau, a giant, kidnapping, supernatural jerk and the aftermath of his murder. This somehow turns into an exploration of resilience towards failure and rejection, and I dive into some practical tips on building more of it. Fun for the whole family! Mark your calendars for Inner Monster Mondays for new episodes every week, or sign up here for email notifications! PS - I wrote another book! This time, it's all short horror stories. You can get your copy here! Show notes: Want a topic or creature covered in the podcast along with a shout-out?  Let me know: "The Inner Monster Podcast theme v.2," "The (Un)Caged Butterfly," and "IV. Joy" by Al Gilliom. ------------------- Sponsored by: The Wrangling Your Impostor Monster Workshop - the first impostor syndrome workshop just for creatives! My Patrons and the Order of the Dark Wheel - First listens without ads, creepy art, raffles, and more!  Join today! - Making this podcast happen, like, via the logistics of it all. Some links might be affiliate links. Just gotta let you know :) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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A monstrous mashup of flash fiction, mythology, and personal development. If you’ve ever wondered how demons can segue into a conversation about value, how a Japanese ghost can inspire a conversation about the stories we tell ourselves, or how the mythology behind vampires can teach you about procrastination, this is the podcast for you. Your host is Rick Kitagawa, Inner Monster Wrangler at: You can also read his daily blog over at: Rick also is the co-host of In Trust, a podcast that's all about the most important asset of our time - trust. Support this podcast: