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04: The Dance of Masculine & Feminine Energies with Aaron Doughty

Inner Worlds –Welcome to Inner Worlds with thought leader, YouTuber, Podcaster, and one of my best friends, Aaron Doughty! In this episode, Aaron and I talk about the difference between, and the importance of feminine and masculine energy. We will dive into how these energies impact relationships (including our own!), create hierarchies in the workplace and families, and how they influence the healing of our inner child.Shifting from feminine to masculine or vice versa is natural, but could potentially create issues within the self and within relationships - as it did for me and Aaron. In this episode we talk about ways to embrace and acknowledge both energies. Although a perfect balance between feminine and masculine energy is unlikely, let’s talk about how we can surrender to these energies and use them to our benefit to live our truth. Links:Aaron Doughty Instagram- @aaron_doughty44Aaron Doughty YouTube- Doughty Podcast- Book List:The Body Keeps the Score by Besser von der kolk Understanding Masculine Psychology by Robert. A Johnson Understanding Feminine Psychology by Robert. A Johnson Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire by David Deida Menu:[4:00] Saturn Return[7:50] My Own Masculine Energy [9:10] Energy Dynamic In Our Relationship[14:40] Shifting Energies[19:00] Warriors Initiation[25:00] The Power Of Forgiveness & Detachment[27:50] How To Have Your Own Warriors Initiation[31:30] Making Your Purpose Important[33:00] Difference Between Feminine & Masculine[35:00] Uninitiated Energy vs. Toxic Energy [39:00] Stop Caring What People Think Of You[42:00] Awareness Of Your Past, Wounds and Surroundings[46:00] Aaron Doughty Book Recommendations

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Welcome to the Inner Worlds podcast with Leeor Alexandra, where we study the big, small and the infinite universe through inner-exploration and deep diving into the fascinating minds of special guests. Through free-flowing Conscious Conversations and the solo wanderings of Leeor, you will find your imagination and consciousness expanded to fit in more awe, more self-acceptance, more joy, and ALWAYS more love. Inner Worlds with Leeor Alexandra is a podcast for exploring the micro and the macro of the universe through a multidimensional lens of awareness.