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08: The Inner World of Ryan Cropper

Inner Worlds –Welcome to Inner Worlds Episode 8 - The Inner World of Ryan Cropper with my friend and astral projection expert Ryan Cropper. In this episode, we will dive way way deep into the astral realm, listen to Ryan explain his personal astral projection experiences, and talk about everything extraterrestrial (including the galactic federation and owl people!). Are you considering astral projection? Ryan and I discuss techniques to astral project, the benefits of projection, and the insane mystical experiences the both of us have had!Have you been working towards being able to astral project, leave the body and see other worlds? Ryan Cropper is the master, and he has a COMPLETE 10-Step Astral Projection Method that you can check out here:’s Book Recommendation: You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Joe Dispenza Ryan Cropper:Instagram: https://www.ryancropper.comFollow Leeor:Instagram: Stamp:[2:45] Meet Ryan Cropper[14:00] What is the Astral Realm & Astral Projection[21:00] Benefits of Astral Projection[28:00] Astral Projection Techniques[40:50] Multiple Realities[53:00] Positivity of Consciousness & Awareness

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Inner Worlds podcast with Leeor Alexandra, where we study the big, small and the infinite universe through inner-exploration and deep diving into the fascinating minds of special guests. Through free-flowing Conscious Conversations and the solo wanderings of Leeor, you will find your imagination and consciousness expanded to fit in more awe, more self-acceptance, more joy, and ALWAYS more love. Inner Worlds with Leeor Alexandra is a podcast for exploring the micro and the macro of the universe through a multidimensional lens of awareness.