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Scandal In The Wind

av INSIDE BRIEFING with Institute for Government | Publicerades 4/1/2021

As new details emerge about Boris Johnson’s alleged affair with Jennifer Arcuri, the country seems strangely unmoved. Does personal morality really matter in leaders? And should we be thinking about the money not the sex? Plus, what does the unravelling Greensill saga tell us about backdoor access to government? Has David Cameron actually broken any rules? And we look at the trade realities that an independent Scotland would have to face. The Sunday Times's Whitehall Correspondent Gabriel Pogrund is our special guest for this one hundredth edition. “It’s not for journalists to moralise about Johnson’s private life. What matters is that Jennifer Arcuri received public money.” – Gabriel Pogrund“The British public are gloriously indifferent as to whether their leaders have poor personal morality.” – Giles Wilkes“How was it that this guy who had just left a bank was able to inveigle himself into the heart of Government?” – Gabriel Pogrund“Greensill is not just about the rules, it’s about ethical principles. And there’s a risk to public perception over what Cameron chose to do.” – Hannah White“The SNP are taking a leaf out of Vote Leave’s book. It doesn’t help to be too candid.” – Gabriel PogrundPresented by Bronwen Maddox with Hannah White, Giles Wilkes, Jess Sergeant and Akash Paun. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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