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Soft Furnishings, Hard Questions

av INSIDE BRIEFING with Institute for Government | Publicerades 4/30/2021

The bill for renovating Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat, what he might have said about “bodies piling high” and Dominic Cummings’ blog revelations have added up to a nightmare week for the Prime Minister. Special guest Stephen Daisley of The Spectator and Scottish Daily Mail joins us to ask if Johnson can weather it and if new ministerial standards advisor Christopher Geidt has the powers he needs.Plus, could the fall of Arlene Foster lead to a harder-line DUP leadership and even another breakdown of government in Northern Ireland? And we take a deep dive into the realities of Scotland’s potential independent future. “The question is, Has the PM done anything that would put him on the wrong side of Ted Hastings from Line Of Duty?” – Stephen Daisley“The Gove and Henry Newman faction is much in the ascendant and we’re seeing a clear-out of the Vote Leave people.” – Stephen Daisley“For the French, the scandal is that Boris Johnson hasn’t spent ENOUGH on his wallpaper…” – Stephen DaisleyPresented by Bronwen Maddox with Gemma Tetlow, Jill Rutter, Cath Haddon and Graham Atkins. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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