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Ep. 4: Frozen Symphony: The Art of the Soundtrack

av Inside the Oscars | Publicerades 12/11/2019

** Note: This episode contains "Frozen 2" spoilers. The power of music is that it can make our hearts beat faster, give us a hint of what's to come or leave us wanting more, sometimes all at once, and the score for "Frozen 2" is no exception. Disney Animation head of music Tom MacDougall and composer Christophe Beck spoke with ABC News' Ginger Zee about creating the film's powerful instrumentals and how the score is used tell Anna and Elsa's story on a deeper, more emotionally-resonant level. Loving this series? Tell us with a rating and a quick review: "Inside Frozen 2" is produced by ABC Audio, makers of "The Dropout," the award-winning daily ABC News podcast "Start Here," and more:

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