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Health + Tech + Covid

av Inside Scoop | Publicerades 3/29/2020

Technology can play a crucial role in health outcomes and is ripe for investment opportunities. Today I spoke with Nikhil Krishnan. He was the former senior analyst at CBInsights focused on digital health, biotechnology, and private market trends. We spoke about COVID-19 and how technology can help prevent and provide perspective to current and future health issues. We highlighted several companies and industries which could benefit longer-term as the current situation exposes critical vulnerabilities. ***This is not a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any companies mentioned. 

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What will the FUTURE look like? Avory & Co; Company Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Sean D. Emory goes deep into TRANSFORMATIVE thematic ideas, evolving industries, and specific companies. Interviewing management teams and experts while providing his take on each topic. **Nothing discussed is a recommendation